‘Cool Kids’ Get Taste of Heritage

The participants of the Cool Kids Camp got a lesson in culture yesterday at the Courland Heritage Park (July 19), where they attended the Black Rock Sea Festival. The event is part of the Tobago Heritage Festival.

The Camp, for children ages 5-11, is hosted by the Division of Community Development, Enterprise Development and Labour. It’s meant to provide fun and educational activities for participants the July/August holiday period.

According to camp director Annelise Collette, the camp also helps young children develop the confidence to express themselves when speaking and through their creativity. It’s also used to pass on tradition to the next generation.

“We try to maintain some of the dying crafts because we have some of our handicraft tutors from within the Department that are here with us on a daily basis,” Collette said. “So you know they try to do some of the handicrafts, some of the embroidery, some of these things that you don’t see very often.”

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