Complex Savings

The Roxborough Administrative Complex is now 98 percent complete.

Secretary of Infrastructure, Quarries and the Environment Kwesi Des Vignes said the Tobago House of Assembly is expected to register savings on the project.

“The project cost for this project at the time was estimated at $46 million. We are currently well within the budgeted sum and we are making some adjustments,” he said.

Des Vignes said the Infrastructure Division is looking to ensure the building, which will serve the people of east Tobago, is of the best possible quality.

“We are ensuring that the building can stand up to the very corrosive environment, so we’re using a thermo chromix finish that is the cladding for the building, and a limestone plaster, so that again the building will not need to be repainted in a short time.”

The Infrastructure Secretary said the Division wants to make sure the Complex can serve the people of Tobago for years to come. The contractor on the project is Tobago-based Towers Consultancy Limited.

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