Cocoa Field Management Training Programme

The Division of Food Security, Natural Resources, the Environment and Sustainable Development in conjunction with The Tobago Agribusiness Development Company (TADCO) Cocoa Industry Revival Committee and Tobago Reforestation and Watershed Rehabilitation Programme (TRWRP) held a Cocoa Field Management Training exercise on 10th and 11th August 2022. A total of 49 Cocoa Farmers, Extension and Field staff of various stations of the Division, Reforestation workers and URP workers were trained in various rehabilitation methods.

The purpose of the training was to expose individuals to new methods in Cocoa rehabilitation, as well as, differences in varieties and introduce them to management practices to make cocoa fields more productive. This is the first step in our rehabilitation exercise as further consultation and training is scheduled to take place over the next two months, as The Division seeks to develop an Agro-Tourism product on the island.

The training was conducted by Ministry of Agriculture, Land and Fisheries personnel: Mrs. Jaiwante Samsoondar (Agricultural Officer I) and Mrs. Anita Baijoo (Agricultural Assistant II).

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