Coastal Forest for NE Tobago and Lambeau

The planting of 2,500 native trees along Tobago’s North Eastern Coast is planned for communities from Roxborough to Castara, and Lambeau.

The planting of trees creates increased home security against threats due to increasing wave action and rising sea levels.

Over a period of seven months, the Environment Research Institute Charlotteville (ERIC) and Environment Tobago, together with the North East Tobago Climate Change Champions Network and the Tobago House of Assembly (THA) will roll out a plan to restore the weakening coastline.

According to ERIC, approximately 50% of the coastal area that is a part of a planned Marine Protected Area and the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve has eroded to varying degrees.

“Trees are living organisms that are able to withstand adverse weather conditions over long periods of time. [This] is the most efficient and affordable way to protect the coastlines,” ERIC CEO and Director Aljoscha Wothke said.

Environment Secretary Kwesi Des Vignes indicated the project was one of the action items agreed upon at the Tobago Environmental Partnership Conference. During the pre-launch of the initiative, communities will be involved in stakeholders’ education on climate change and coastal erosion.

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