Coastal Cleanup Part of ‘Fight’ For Trash-Free Seas

As usual, Tobago joined International Coastal Cleanup campaign efforts on the weekend.

It began on Saturday (September 16) with volunteers working at several locations including Courland Bay in Plymouth, Little Rockly Bay in Lambeau, Minster’s Bay in Bacolet, Carapuse Bay in Belle Garden, Prince Bay in Roxborough and Tyrrel’s Bay in Speyside.

And the campaign continued on Sunday at La Guirra Bay in Kilgwyn, and at Sandy Point Bay in Crown Point. Secretary of the Division of Infrastructure, Quarries and the Environment Kwesi Des Vignes said there are lots of incentives for Tobagonians to keep the island’s beaches clean.

“This fight for trash-free seas is close to Tobago’s heart as our tourism and one of our main food sources are benched on Tobago’s beauty and quality of our waters. International Coastal Clean-Up is all ah we business,” Des Vignes said.

Over the weekend, the Division, as well as representatives from T&TEC, Bmobile, the Black Rock Youth Group, Scarborough Secondary School and several other groups participated in the international coastal clean-up.

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