Camping Out

Vacation enrichment is especially important for children during the July/August holidays. Many parents enrolled their children in camp activities to keep them occupied, including several hosted by the THA.

As a new school term nears, the various camps around the island have either wrapped up or are concluding within the upcoming days.

The THA Sports Camp was hosted by the Division of Education, Innovation, and Energy in collaboration with the Division of Sport and Youth Affairs.

“The record indicates a total of 392 students participated in the camp. The camp covered a range of activities including beach football, basketball, cricket, football, swimming, netball, and volleyball.

“In addition to the sports camp, the Tobago Information Technology Limited (TITL), which is under the umbrella of the Division of Education, Innovation and Energy, conducted a camp that focused on science, technology, engineering and maths,” said Chief Secretary and Secretary of Education, Innovation, and Energy Hon. Kelvin Charles.

Participants got a chance to learn about robotics, drones, programming, and the geographic information system (GIS). The TITL camp included four cycles and began on July 8th. The final cycle concludes on August 30th.