Be Entrepreneurs

The 2018 Vocational Skills Programme completed its largest cycle ever this year.

Secretary of Community Development, Enterprise Development and Labour Marslyn Melville-Jack said more than 1,000 participants graduated from the programme. She said the people in this country have a wealth of talent and ability.

“This is manifested in the elaborate, innovative, artistic products on display,” Melville-Jack said, “which bear testimony to the diligence, dedication and determination of our graduates, as well as the expertise, skill and creativity of our tutors.”

The Community Development Secretary said the programme started in 2012 with 14 courses, and has grown to offer 53 courses in 2018. This year, courses included digital photography, electrical installation, and air-conditioning and refrigeration.

“The growing popularity of this programme is evident by increased participation at every Centre. Our enrolment figures to date, have grown from 772 in 2017, to 1,059 during this cycle.” Melville-Jack added.

The bread, cake and pastry making, ballroom and Latin dance, events décor and air conditioning and refrigeration courses received the highest enrollment for 2018.

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