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Division of Infrastructure, Quarries and the Environment. Old Government Farm Road, Shaw Park.

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The Division of Infrastructure, Quarries and the Environment manages the policy and planning for the sustainable development of Tobago’s infrastructural network, natural resources and space. Its foci therefore are;

  • to ensure the delivery of infrastructure and systems that are safe, robust, intelligently designed and environmentally sensitive;
  • to respond to local needs and enhance economic and social growth in Tobago; and
  • to promote the sustainable use and preserve the quality of air, land and water resources.

Primary responsibilities of DIQE

DIQEs core responsibilities are as follows:

  • Construction, development and maintenance of the road network and drainage systems;
  • Construction and maintenance of public buildings and facilities;
  • The production and sale of quality volcanic rock products, concrete and asphalt Transport and Traffic Management; and
  • Environmental Management and Protection.

In the local context, DIQE has regulatory oversight over the Licensing Division (Tobago) and the Environmental Management Agency (Tobago).



Construction and Maintenance Services

This Department is responsible for the construction, rehabilitation and maintenance of roads and bridges, and the construction and maintenance of government facilities and other public buildings.

Development Programme

The Development Programme undertakes infrastructural work on the island pertaining to the construction of drains, sidewalks, retaining walls, road alignment, building construction and the roundabouts. This programme is further sub-divided into four districts (Mason Hall/Moriah, Scarborough, Roxborough, and Speyside) that are charged with the responsibility of the maintenance of Roads, Bridges and Sanitation Services.

Mechanical Services

The primary function of the Mechanical Services includes repair and maintenance of the Division’s fleet of vehicles and the fabrication and machining of components for the DIQE. The service is extended to other entities such as WASA and T&TEC.

Old Government Farm Road
Shaw Park

Studley Park Quarry

The Studley Park Enterprise Limited (SPEL) is a private company wholly owned by the Tobago House of Assembly; the Division of Infrastructure, Quarries and the Environment (DIQE) has the direct oversight for the Company. SPEL is charged with the management of the Quarry at Studley Park; a resource deemed one of Tobago’s prized industry with great potential for revenue generation.

The Quarry possesses the rare andesite volcanic rock, which stands as the best quality material for paving and other surfaced products done by DIQE and the construction sector. The range of products offered by the Studley Park Enterprise Limited for sale on the local and national market include aggregate, crusher run, rotten rock, and boulders among other products. The operations also include a Concrete Batching Plant that produces concrete for use by the DIQE exclusively and an Asphalt Plant. Although the Studley Park Enterprise Limited was officially incorporated in 2016, the Quarry was founded some 33 years ago.

Studley Park
660-2193, 660-2077, 612-0303

Transportation Planning

DIQE has adopted the position for strategic planning and the reliance on data for traffic and transportation management. Therefore, a Transportation Planning Department was recently introduced. Great emphasis is paid on catalyzing a positive way forward for the Division as it creates and executes policies that will improve road user interfaces and safety. This Department also ensures proper maintenance of road signs and markings.

Transportation Planner
Main Building
Shaw Park
Telephone – 639-1287 ext. 4025

Department of Environment

The Department of Environment is charged with the protection, preservation and Enhancement of Tobago’s environment. Moreover, the Department promotes the sustainable use and management of our air, land and water for the benefit of current and future generations.

Services of the Department include:

  • Processing of environmental permits pursuant to the Environmental Management Act of 2000 including Certificates of Environmental Clearance (CECs), Noise Variations, Water Pollution Permits, Air Pollution Permits.
  • Environmental Education
  • General environmental monitoring – noise levels, air quality, water quality and wetland health.
  • Coastal zone monitoring
  • Investigation of environmental complaints
  • Provision of technical assistance to various THA Divisions and stakeholders regarding the adoption of sector specific environmental management systems and best practices.

Department of the Environment
Montessori Trace, Glen Road
Telephone: 639-2273


Electrical Inspectorate

The Electrical Inspectorate is the only service provider responsible for inspection and certification of all electrical work throughout Tobago, be it for domestic, commercial or industrial purposes. Thus, the priority of the Inspectorate is the safety of all installations, and by extensions, individuals and property. The Department shares a collaborative relationship with one of DIQE’s strategic partner, the Trinidad and Tobago Electricity Commission; the entity which provides electric supply to homes and establishments. This provision is done only if an Inspector of the Department provides certification.

Electrical Inspectorate
Old Government Farm Road
Shaw Park
Telephone: 639-3459

Licensing Department

The Licensing Department falls under the jurisdiction of the Division of Infrastructure, Quarries and the Environment and is mandated to execute the policies of the Ministry of Works and Transport as they relate to the issuance of drivers permits, the inspection of vehicles and adherence to the Motor Vehicle and Road Traffic Act. This Department also conducts required examinations for motorists.

Licensing Department
Old Government Farm Road
Shaw Park
Telephone: 639-2466 or 639-3041

Unemployment Relief Programme (URP)

This programme provides short-term employment through training and is geared towards the enhancement of entrepreneurial skills and assists in small scale projects in communities. URP is strategically organized to assist with emergency and disaster response as it relates to clean up efforts and rehabilitation of beaches and damage throughout communities.

Old Government Farm Road
Shaw Park
Main Office: 639-3504
Office of the Project Coordinator: 639-5529
Women's Programme: 635-0777
Office of the Regional Supervisor: 639-2666
East District (Roxborough): 660-4511 or 660-4437
North District (Moriah): 660-0525

Councillor Kwesi Des Vignes
Secretary of Infrastructure, Quarries and the Environment and Leader of Assembly Business

Assemblyman Sheldon Cunningham
Assistant Secretary of Infrastructure, Quarries and the Environment

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