Food Production, Forestry and Fisheries

Food Production, Forestry and Fisheries. Tam's Building Glen Road, Scarborough.


To effect the sustainable management of all our natural resources, the skilled development of our human resources and increased use of relevant technology to facilitate trade and a dynamic agro-business sector.


A Division with the capacity and determination to stimulate every sub- sector served by it to achieve the goal of maximizing optimum output and grasping opportunities thereby contributing to a more vibrant Tobago Economy.



This Department is subdivided into two units:


This Unit promotes agriculture as a viable business in order to increase the number of committed commercial and private agro-producers and improve agricultural production in Tobago through improvement of services and facilities extended to the farming community.
In response to the changing demands for food on the island, food security has emerged as one priority of this unit. As a result of this, much attention has been directed towards the revitalization and promotion of sustainable agriculture systems geared towards making Tobago self-sufficient in food crop production.

Tel / Fax: 639-9515

LIVESTOCK Production

The activities of the Department of Livestock are carried out by three units namely: the Government Stock (Hope) Farm, Blenheim Sheep Project, Animal Health and Livestock Extension. Together these units:

  • Maintain an on-station genetic pool of the various breeds of livestock used in animal production in Tobago.
  • Carryout the multiplication and sale of breeding stock (sheep, cattle, goats, rabbits, pigs and poultry) to farmers on the island.
  • Serve as a practical classroom for the training of students and farmers through the demonstration of the various aspects of animal husbandry and farm management involved in the rearing of the various classes of livestock. This includes housing, pasture management, feeds and nutrition, sanitation, breed selection and breeding.
  • Operate disease control and prevention programs geared towards the maintenance of the health of the livestock population in Tobago through the Veterinary Section which offers, ambulatory, laboratory and regulatory services.
  • Assist farmers in expanding their units through the provision of artificial insemination services.

Hope Farm
Tel: 660-2108

Blenheim Sheep Multiplication and Research Project
Tel: 660-2012


This Department is responsible for the sustainable Management of Tobago’s Marine Resources from the coastline to a distance of 6 nautical miles off shore. The Department is subdivided into the Fisheries and Aquaculture Unit and the Marine Area Unit.
Tel: 639-4446, 4354, 1382

Fisheries and Aquaculture Unit:

The Fisheries and Aquaculture Unit is responsible for the development and management of the fishing industry in Tobago. Its duties involve resolving conflicts in the Fishing Industry, training fishers, processors, vendors, and other stakeholders in the industry, in new equipment and techniques in fishing and fish marketing and safety measures and monitoring the fish resources surrounding the island.

Marine Areas Unit:

The Marine Areas Unit has responsibility for the marine and coastal resources around Tobago. Some of the duties include developing an integrated coastal zone management plan that would involve methods of including the community members in the management of the marine resources and researching ways and means of reducing pollution and the degradation of the reefs, mangroves, and sea grass beds.


The Department of Marketing provides assistance to its stakeholders in the processing and marketing of high quality products. The Department’s functions include:

  • Operating the Scarborough and Roxborough Markets
  • Operating and managing the Scarborough and Roxborough Abattoirs
  • Managing the Hope Processing Unit, the Louis D'or Marketing Facility and the Marketing Meat Room
  • Facilitating the marketing and sale of selected agricultural commodities
  • Conducting market research
  • Providing services related to maintaining post harvest quality and the development of agro-processing industries

Tel: 639-2428, 5091 or 635-0162

Department of Natural Resources and the Environment

Tel: 660-7636, 639-2273
Fax: 639-1647

Communications Unit
Tel: 688-3768 Ext. 3569
Fax: 660-4395

Human Resources
Tel: 639-5372 Ext. 3541
Fax: 635-1815

Kendal Farm School
Tel: 660-4395

Assemblyman Hayden Spencer
Secretary of Food Production, Forestry and Fisheries

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