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Office of the Chief Secretary

This Office has specific responsibility for Public Administration and Information, for sensitive areas such as energy and telecommunication and for the following support units.

Administratively, OCS organizational structure comprises of eleven (11) Departments/Units:

Protocol and Public Relations

The Protocol and Public Relations Unit is responsible for establishing and maintaining a high degree of official etiquette and codes of behaviour within the Assembly, consistent with international norms and procedures.

Address: Calder Hall Adminstrative Complex

Telephone: (868) 639-2188

Management Services Unit

The Management Services Unit (MSU) is responsible for providing management consultancy services to all Divisions of the Assembly. This Unit is also the Agent for the Telecommunication Authority of Trinidad and Tobago (TATT).

Address: #34 Calder Hall Rd. Scarborough

Telephone: (868) 639-5552, (868) 639-5219 Fax: (868) 660-7160


Personnel Administration / Human Resource Management Department

The Personnel Administration/Human Resource Management Unit is in a state of transition. The traditional personnel administration functions are being expanded vertically and horizontally to include a wider dimension of services associated with human resource management. The Unit will eventually serve as the central HRM component within the Assembly and will be responsible for providing support and guidance on all human resource management issues.

Address: Calder Hall Adminstrative Complex

Telephone: (868) 639-3882, (868) 639-3421 ext. 5025

Information Department

The Department of Information is the publicity hub of the Assembly. Its main function is to keep the public informed about matters concerning the Assembly. The information is presented through television, radio, and the press. In addition, the Department houses a library where tapes, cassettes and newspapers are stored for future reference and research.

Address: Calder Hall Adminstrative Complex

Telephone: (868) 639-3720

Accounts Department

The Accounts Unit is responsible for the preparation of documents to support each payment, the verification and accuracy of documents submitted for payment, the preparation of cheques and recording of the actual payment, and for reconciling and compiling revenue received and expenditure incurred by the Division.

Address: Upstairs UTC Building, Scarborough

Telephone: (868) 635-0803

Information Technology Unit

The Unit is responsible for all aspects of the design, implementation and maintenance of information technology systems.

Address: Calder Hall Administrative Complex

Telephone: (868) 639-3421, (868) 639-2544

Tobago Emergency Management Agency

The Tobago Emergency Management Agency (TEMA) is responsible for management of a comprehensive disaster management plan, which includes prevention, preparation for, and mitigation against disasters, as well as emergency response rehabilitation and recovery from such events.

Legal Department

This unit provides legal advice and action in areas such as person injuries, commercial services, leases, contracts, and the preparation of statutes. In addition, the Unit interprets legal documents and represents the THA in civil and criminal proceedings.

Address: Calder Hall Administrative Complex

Telephone: (868) 639-5546

Executive Council Secretariat

Address: Upstairs UTC Building, Scarborough

Telephone: (868) 639-1088

Office and Property Management

The Property Management Department is responsible for ensuring that the stock of government properties is developed and maintained in a manner that ensures maximum utilization and economic returns. The Department is also responsible for the provision of appropriately designed and configured work places and facilities for Departments and Units within the Office of the Chief Secretary. Other functions of the Department include the provision of Office Management, Registry/Records Management and Printery Services to all Divisions of the Assembly

Address: Calder Hall Adminstrative Complex

Telephone: (868) 639-1296

Safety Health and Environment Management Unit


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Public Interest Desk

Visit the Public Interest Desk on Tuesdays between 8:00 am and 4:00 pm at the First Floor, UTC Building, Scarborough, Tobago.