Mar 4
Health & Social Services


To provide a service for the maintenance and enhancement of personal and community health, through the application of sound environmental health principles of disease prevention, health promotion and protection.

The Division of Health & Social Services is committed to the delivery of professional services and leadership on environmental matters through health promotion and education / enforcement of regulations and advice.

Departments within the Division of Health & Social Services are:

The Public Health Services Department.

The Department of Social Services & Gender Affairs.

Services provided:

  • Registration, inspection and licensing of food establishment and related business (restaurants, bakeries, snack bars, food vendors, supermarkets etc)
  • Conducting training sessions in Food Safety and certification of food handlers weekly
  • House to house inspections/routine inspections
  • Inspection sampling testing and water supplies and food samples
  • Collection of Food and water samples for analysis
  • Inspection of daycares, pre-schools and other schools
  • Inspection of homes for the aged or nursing homes
  • Inspection of water bodies, re Pest control - cutlassing and canalising
  • Perifocal inspection of premises and treatment for mosquito breeding. (Vector Control)
  • Investigation of Infectious diseases
  • Rodent evaluation and malaria evaluation
  • Ovi-trap
  • Port health duties
  • Investigation of complaints/nuisance complaints re:food, water, obnoxious odors, water and atmospheric pollution, mosquito and rodent infestation etc.
  • Review and make recommendations for approval, Building Plans, Sub-division of Lands of waste water and sewage treatment and disposal systems through plans referred by Town and Country Planning Department
  • Emptying of septic tanks-liquid waste
  • Collection and disposal of solid waste
  • Technical advice on both services we provide and those we cannot do ourselves, information can be given upon request on those services we do not provide
  • There are some services the Division will not provide but will liaise with the appropriate authority or person to have your needs met

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Public Interest Desk

Visit the Public Interest Desk on Tuesdays between 8:00 am and 4:00 pm at the First Floor, UTC Building, Scarborough, Tobago.